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Cancer treatment necessitates an array of medical and support services. We provide these in-house, all in one place. Our nurses are chemotherapy certified.

State-of-the-art comprehensive cancer care

Backed by cutting edge technology and the latest treatment options available

 Physicians using the latest technology

Physicians using the latest technology

At Mount Diablo Solano Oncology Group, we use innovative technology coupled with the most current treatments available, with access to advanced cancer treatment clinical trials. Through use of our Electronic Health Record system, your medical information is securely accessible to our physicians wherever, and whenever needed.

Our proactive physicians participate in healthcare quality initiatives, and maintain continuing education on the latest advances in cancer care options.  

With our forward-thinking team of physicians, using a collaborative approach, you'll receive the best possible treatment available.

 Chemotherapy certified nurses

Chemotherapy certified nurses

Cancer and Blood Disorder Therapies

Chemotherapy Infusion.
Offering the latest in FDA approved treatments with access to cutting edge clinical trials, comfortably administered in our treatment centers. 

Molecularly Targeted Therapy
Advanced treatments designed to target specific molecules needed for cancer cell growth.

Biologic and Therapeutic Injections
Injections to bring relief to the side effect of chemotherapy, so you don't feel tired or depleted or sick.

Hormonal Therapy
A common adjuvant therapy to help reduce the risk of recurrence.

Oral Therapy
Many treatments are now available in convenient oral (pill) formulas, or used in combination with other treatments.

 Pharmacy in-house for your convenience

Pharmacy in-house for your convenience

Clinical Services

Laboratory Services
Blood tests and other laboratory procedures can be performed on-site at some of our locations, eliminating the need to go elsewhere, and providing faster results for our team to review.

In-House Pharmacy
Oral treatments and most prescriptions can be conveniently filled and received at our treatment centers, where direct access to clinical staff is available for all your pharmacy questions.   

Other available services include:

Genetic Testing and Counseling.

Clinical Trials Access

Diagnostic Imaging including PET/CT

 Financial counselors and patient advocates.

Financial counselors and patient advocates.

Patient Support Services

You may have additional needs beyond medical treatment. We provide every patient with the partnership to empower themselves with knowledge and resources. Some of the support services we offer include:

Patient education throughout the entire treatment process.
Our chemotherapy certified nurses, pharmacy technicians, and physicians will walk you through the whole process answering any questions you have with expertise and care.

Financial counselors and advocates.
These dedicated staff work closely with many charitable organizations and patient assistance programs, accessing aid in the cost of treatment for those patients who are under-insured, have high out-of-pocket expenses or who are experiencing financial difficulty.

Resource libraries and research centers.
Resource libraries are available at our treatment centers for all patients and their families, with information on nutrition, treatments support organizations and general cancer questions.

Close partnerships with local cancer support groups and organizations

Mount Diablo Solano Oncology Group works closely with cancer advocacy and support organizations to give additional support to our patients and their families. These organizations include:

Cancer Support Community - Bay Area

American Cancer Society

Sisters Network of Solano County

Our Community Counts

The Prana Group

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